Technology Site

A Site with a Scientific Tradition

Rostock can look back on a long and excellent scientific tradition. The university, founded in 1419, is the third-oldest institution of higher education in Germany and the oldest university in the Baltic area. Pascual Jordan, Joachim Jungius and Johann Heinrich von Thünen and top technological achievement, such as the development of the first jet engine and the ejector seat are a part of this history.

This tradition as a technology site continues today. Rostock's profile is closely connected to the scientific potential of the site. The numerous renowned institutes and faculties of the University of Rostock, the non-university research institutes – including institutes of the Max Planck Society, the Fraunhofer Society and of the Leibniz and Helmholtz Association, technological centres, centres of excellence and scientific associations turn the Hanseatic city of Rostock into an international centre of research.

Interaction of Research and Business

In Rostock, science and business are strongly interwoven. Applied research is largely carried out directly within the companies, thus emphasising the transfer aspect. Numerous successful spin-offs from the university and research institutions prove this. The University of Rostock is thus one of the ten most founder-friendly universities in Germany. Together the university and research institutions, the city, the transfer institutions and on-site technological companies are working on making the enormous scientific potential commercially useful. The aim of all protagonists is to further expand Rostock as a renowned technology site.


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