Nordic Yards Receives Innovation Award

Back on the 5th July, Nordic Yards in Berlin was given the innovation award "Top 100" and is thus one of Germany's most innovative medium-sized companies!

The company, with sites in Rostock and Wismar, is world-market leader in the planning and construction of DC converter platforms - these are gigantic floating transformer stations that convert the alternating current produced in the offshore wind parks into direct current. 7 of these platforms are currently being built – 4 of which are being constructed at Nordic Yards. The company now no longer works on planning ships for series production but is instead concentrating upon maritime high-tech and custom production.

This transformation process of Nordic Yards with an orientation towards new markets and the promotion of innovative capacity were decisive for the awarding of the prize. As well as Nordic Yards, another 102 companies in a total of three size categories received the seal of quality "Top 100".

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