Trials of Underwater Vehicles

On 20th August, companies from the subsea-monitoring network met up to attend a trial of underwater vehicles of the company Enitech from Rostock. ENITECH has been developing and marketing pressure-neutral drive, energy supply and control technology for underwater applications for around ten years. ENITECH has built up a particular relationship with marine technology in deep water applications in the development of pressure-neutral electronic assemblies with the use of special casting technologies and their deployment at depths of down to 6,000m. The latest developments include pressure-neutral underwater vehicles such as AUVs for exploration and inspection and Class ROV's for deep sea applications down to 6,000m.

The possibility of testing the vehicles before their deep sea deployment in real conditions is very attractive to many marine technology companies. Rostock Business had supported Enitech in the search for such a site and found it on the premises of the fire brigade in Großklein with access to the Warnow. Thank you to all the authorities of the Hanseatic city who made this possible.


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