Innovative companies are successful because they are in constant contact with science, absorb new ideas from customers and work on the improvement of their own products and processes. The aim of transfer is to translate the extensive know-how and results of research into innovative technologies and processes for the local economy.


Technology Scouting: "From Science into Business"

Innovative technologies and new kinds of approaches are often created in one of Rostock's many scientific facilities. Their economic potentials often, however, unfortunately remain unused. This is where Rostock Business comes in. In order to optimise the process of technology transfer from science into the companies, Rostock Business "scouts" for such innovative ideas and technologies directly at the source, i.e. at the research institutions. In cooperation with the transfer office of the University of Rostock, we actively search the scientific landscape of Rostock. In this process, interesting approaches that are suitable for transferral into business are identified. Thanks to close contacts to the companies, suitable partners from business are found that are brought into contact with the scientists in the next step. By means of the technology scouting, new projects, collaborations and knowledge networks can be initiated.

Technology LAB

Technology LAB offers the possibility of initiating and/or deepening the dialogue between scientists and entrepreneurs of the region. Rostock Business supports interested companies in their search for transfer options in establishing contact with scientists and realising transfer projects. For this we invite exclusively entrepreneurs to the university and non-university research institutions, so that they can get to know their laboratories and institutes. Scientists from various specialist disciplines show current problem-solving approaches in their fields of activity and ways in which regional industry can cooperate with the university. Building upon already existing business contacts, new projects can in this way be developed and new network structures established. 

  • We organise a visit to the research institutions in Rostock and combine the guided tour with a discussion with selected scientists regarding your concrete questions.
  • We organise an internal R&D workshop for you with selected scientists at the university and/or in the research institutions.
  • We will visit you at your company, with selected scientists, present to you the possibilities of cooperation and discuss your individual questions.

We will of course treat all information with strict confidentiality. If you are interested please get in contact with us.

Transfer Events

Events contribute towards science, business and society getting to know each other and networking with each other. To support the transfer of research and knowledge into the economy, Rostock Business regularly organises events with transfer-oriented themes. These include symposia, workshops, conferences and other formats. One already growing event format is "Technology Talk Rostock". This is addressed to the research-driving companies in the Rostock region that would like to exchange knowledge and network regarding processes of research and development. This event is held under the auspices of the Rector of the University of Rostock, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schareck.


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